Fortunatus is a talented speaker, who brings energy and ardor as he delivers his thought-provoking, inspiring and informative speeches to audiences that stay engaged and active throughout. As a speaker Fortunatus is committed to helping individuals gain knowledge on how they can start living a purpose-driven life and how they can maximize their ability to make impact using their resourcefulness even with the limited resources they have.

Fortunatus tailors his message to the needs of the audience with the overarching ultimate goal of helping them unleash their full potential and live their life’s purpose, regardless of any external circumstances. Having found his purpose at a young age in a resource-deprived environment, but living a purpose-driven and fulfilling life, Fortunatus is devoted to helping people overcome their obstacles to such a life. A theme in his message would be, “Regardless of your external realities, the truth is; you have a purpose and the potential to live it, so stop waiting for something to validate or certify you.”

Regardless the audience, Fortunatus finds a way to bring his 3 P’s message of “purpose, passion and potential” as it is central to everything we do. He believes in whatever we do, we need to remain purposeful, passionate and give the best of us; be it personally, as a team or organization. He has before spoken in schools, to student leadership teams and casual groups of young people. He is however available for other engagements as well.

To invite Fortunatus to your event/program OR explore the possibilities for that, please reach out through the Contact Form and he’ll get right back to you.