Here are some Quotes by Fortunatus Ekklesiah


You don’t have to be an expert to start, you have to start to be an expert. See, learning is a lifelong process, so don’t make it your excuse. Start Now!

Genuine Success in life is only possible when that life has a purpose. In fact, there can’t be success or failure when purpose doesn’t exist.

Purpose is the force behind what you do in all spheres of life, it’s bigger than a career, a goal, a dream or anything…It’s the difference your whole life is going to make, which in turn leaves a mark only you can leave. That’s what you should be searching for.

Passion is the third eye that sees what others can’t see in something, enabling you to influence change others can’t influence.

Life’s a playground. Play the game you love; and when it gets boring, you can try a new one. Never limit yourself and don’t fear to be crazy

Many people are wrong about this; but greatness is not achieved, it is lived!

Don’t wait until you are fearless; you’ll never be —if you’re on a growth graph! Face your fears instead; act regardless of external circumstances. Courage is an inside-out power, not the vice versa.

Open-mindedness is the greatest virtue a man can have, the next to that is humility

As we age, those who really grow are those who are not only willing to learn and take new things, but also unlearn and let go of traditions.

There is but one creation that is both man’s best ally and fiercest enemy, and that is the human mind

The strongest are those who can carry the heaviest.

The past in no way shapes the future, and that’s why there is present between the two. If you wont let the past hover your present, it’s no more than history!

The past doesn’t just walk away, unless we squeeze it to nothingness and get its all out of it.